Back To December [Damon&Elena] ♥ { Happy Birthday Jess }

[ Quick Note ;; So, I’ve Had This Ready To Upload For A While Now, But YT Has Been Like Seriously Mean To Me. Now It’s INCREDIBLY Late, But Hey, It’s Here ♥ ] So, I actually did it (: My very first Delena vid ♥ All for the amazing JESS ♥ Sorry it’s so late sweetie, but I hope you had an awesome birthday! Also, hope you like this! I know I’m not even remotely CLOSE to being as gooder vidder as you, let alone at Delena, but I tried 😀 For anyone that hasn’t, especially Delena fans, go sub her ;; For any of my subbers that are Delena fans – thanks for sticking with all my Stelena vids, hopefully you can actually enjoy this one ♥ I actually managed to not turn it Stelena (: And for all my amazing fellow Stelena shippers – don’t worry, I’m still 100% Stelena. Always ♥ As always, takes days to make, hours to render but only a few seconds to comment; the feedback is really appreciated ♥ WithLove, Alana xostelenaforeverox | xoMissSalvatoreox Song; Back To December, Taylor Swift Dedicated To; Jess [helsinkimianus] Program: Song Vegas Pro 9.0 Ship: Delena [Damon&Elena] ______________________________ I do not own any materal used in this video. All copyrights go to respectful owners. (c) I dont own anything just the editing (: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright

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25 Responses to Back To December [Damon&Elena] ♥ { Happy Birthday Jess }

  1. bobeano23 says:

    this song is PERFECT for them

  2. iloveejasper says:

    This was great!!!

  3. callmeirresponsibler says:

    Thats just wooow, *favorited* Amazing, I loved the scenes for the bridge…really perfect…

  4. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @sillyspoken24 its from Elena’s perspective (: ♥

  5. sillyspoken24 says:

    Is it Elena’s perspective or Damon’s perspective?

  6. sillyspoken24 says:

    Is it Elena’s perspective or Damon’s perspective.

  7. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @MihzE haha, aww thankyouuuu! ♥

  8. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @unicorninthesnow thanks ! 🙂

  9. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @xStefanAndElenax haha, yes it is my first one & its for my friend whos a big DE shipper (:
    but thankyou 😀 ♥

  10. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @ChachaCullen <3

  11. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @TheTwins90 hehe, thanks girls 😀 ♥

  12. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @livelovelaugh316 thanks heaps! 😀 ♥

  13. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @livelovelaugh316 ♥

  14. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @GirlyGurl217 aw, you’re so sweet ♥ thankyou so much (:

  15. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @gresiu7 thanks 😀

  16. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @24alkaa aw, thankyou very much sweetie; that means a lot ♥

  17. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @cheekygirlrulz thankyouuuuuu! ♥

  18. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @cutenkrazyk16 aww, thankyou very much ♥♥

  19. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @cissyyxx thanks 😀

  20. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @evanescencexfan9127 thankyou 😀

  21. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @ChuckBlairLuvA hehe, well thankyou so much & for your support 😀 when I get the time, I definately will ♥

  22. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @93TheBunny thanks :))

  23. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @anulka1613 thankyouu! <3

  24. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @thesourthesweet aww, thankyou so very much ♥

  25. xostelenaforeverox says:

    @annaCeCh thanks 😀

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