Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald)

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald) – Friend of Mine by MYMP, Love Story by Taylor Swift and Stick with u by Pussycat Dolls
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Harvest Moon / Taylor Swift video. *Disclaimer* Nothing but the video itself as mine. The song and pictures belong to their respective owners. Special Notice: I’m accepting requests! PM me if you have a song or pairing you want me to make a video to.

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32 Responses to Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald)

  1. reayanez says:

    ang payat ni kim, grabe @00:58

  2. mhieanable says:

    ung gmwa ne2 san mu nkuha ung mga pic n yan????

  3. joyjoy09ful says:

    wow aman bkt ganan ang 2g2g dapat love song ang sad ehh nakakaiyak aman hehheheh

  4. apindayer10 says:

    gosh ang sad naman nang song 🙁

  5. dhinzburry says:

    oo nga tama kau..@jovertndennis: mali ka!

  6. erchirine says:

    gnun tlga ilong ni kim.. pumyt lng kse sya..

  7. philhaus115 says:

    gnun tlaga ilong nya kc dati medyo malaman p ang face nya ngayon kc payat n ..kya mas nging firm tingnan…d b?…

  8. lonelybluehime says:

    Totoo ung nose ni Kim. D k ba nanonood ng pbb? Maganda talaga ang nose niya since pbb pa siya . Superganda talaga ni kim. No.1 siya para sa akin.

  9. jovertndennis says:

    tignan nio ung ilong ni kim sa 3:59 at 4:29 halatang nagparetoke sya ng ilong gosh

  10. anabz101 says:

    bagay talaga kayo ako ang no. 1 fan nyo

  11. MrUscellulartexas says:

    Ang pogi at ganda naman nilang dalwa..

  12. radzpin says:

    nice naman.ganda ni kim & gwapo ni gerald..

  13. iLubzU says:

    KIMRALD 4EVR!!! <333

  14. MarilouApan says:

    nice vid thanks a lot

  15. jlski09 says:

    love it…three beautiful songs…thanks…

  16. mysteryhamster44 says:

    i totally agree with the whole idea of making an anime for Harvest moon it would be so awesome to see all the characters from all the games
    oh my god
    My favourite bachelors:
    2.Skye(Ds cute)
    3.Will(sunshine Islands/SAF)

  17. Eve5995 says:

    thumbs up if u think that they should take all the characters of harvest moon and make it into an anime

  18. MidnightSwans123 says:

    What is this about

  19. firedevotion says:

    The best bachelors imo:
    1) Skye
    2) Cliff
    3) Vaughn
    5)Harvest King/Gill/Wizard/Owen (still deciding who to marry when i get the game)

  20. dotsygirl101 says:

    1:48 lmfao!

  21. iluvyouvidz says:

    omg awesome! i luv this! idk y but evry time in this song when it goes “pulls out a ring” and so on i start to cry

  22. SpaZZattaX says:

    OMG 1:15 is the cutest thing ive ever seen. it makes me wanna find love!!! =]

  23. Bubblygurl22 says:

    1:15 is too cute!!!

  24. shinory2678 says:

    im like ROFL at 1:45 when the song mentions ‘dad’ and Taro just pops up, THIS IS AWESOME! I ANT STOP LAUGHING!

  25. harvestmoonlover4160 says:

    hey chck out my contest on my hm page…

    oh and search 4 “deviantart” there are tons on there!

  26. FarmerJenni says:

    I love this song!!!! X3

    Yay! Carl!!(0:10) I’ll put all my fav. pics.

  27. MoonlightzzGlow says:

    What?! Now I’m mad, too. But I’ll still enjoy the vid…

  28. SisterofSilence says:

    I have pictures in here from More Friends of Minerla Town, Tree of Tranquility, DS Cute, Island of Happiness, and Magical Melody.

  29. imvrybored says:

    wich harvest moons wer they?

  30. ranmakane308 says:

    aww that was so cute! 5/5 and fave. 😛

  31. SisterofSilence says:

    Thanks! I love it when people other than my friends comment on my videos! Thanks for subscribing to me, too. ^.^

  32. videogamegrl454 says:

    That was soooooo cute! 5/5

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