Once Upon A Prom 2008 Part 1/7

Country music star Taylor Swift made one Hillcrest High School seniors dreams come true by accompanying him to his prom (which was cleverly nicknamed The Alabama Slamma.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Once Upon A Prom 2008 Part 1/7

  1. sabreniana says:


  2. imupinthewoodss says:

    love her love this

  3. CRYARG25 says:

    That guy is freaking ugly. There is nothing cute about him at all.

  4. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    this is so gay just like taylor

  5. yayamann says:

    thank you so much for posting this!

  6. MrsNickCarter11 says:

    It’s Abigail I love her and Tay-Tay

  7. Mythmonsters says:

    @MURDERcomplexx WOW! Lussh!

  8. Mythmonsters says:

    Aww Taylor 🙂 Missed her prom!

  9. MURDERcomplexx says:

    I went here when they filmed this too lmfao.

  10. planb950307 says:

    haha i go there

  11. taylorswiftfan0071 says:

    thanks for posting!

  12. divabexter25 says:

    ‘im a nerd’ ‘ wow he scored points with that one’ hahahaha

  13. kristajonas830 says:

    she is srsly my idol
    like no joke
    i would die if i met her
    he is so luckyyy

    everyone loves her<3

  14. ttowncrunkchick says:

    i was looking for this everywhere i went to hillcrest 🙂

  15. ScaringSophie says:

    this is also a publicity stunt.

  16. iamashleynicole2010 says:

    aww shes sweet

  17. mirandacosgrovewuver says:

    i love her she is so nice

  18. yessireser says:

    this is why i like taylor swift.

  19. MissRhiwee says:

    i love taylor swift 🙂 thanks for putting this on! x

  20. abaybay515 says:

    not gonna lie; freaking loooove tswiiiift.

  21. sa3di19 says:

    this part dosen’t work in my laptop
    can any1 please tell me where to watch
    part 1

  22. julidenickjonas says:

    she is so incredible

  23. famichiang says:

    i just love her laugh….so cute….

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