Selena Gomez Reviews Taylor Swift’s New Album “Speak Now” – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Selena Gomez reviews Taylor Swift’s new release “Speak Now.” ClevverTV tell you what she had to say up next! Welcome back to the show guys, I’m your host Joslyn Davis with a recent review on Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, from one artist and friend to another. Selena Gomez sat down with MTV to chat it up about “Round and Round,” her own album, which is hitting stores in no time, but she also took a moment to give some major props to her close pal, Taylor Swift. SG said that it was “so funny” because she got to see Swifty and they “played each other both of [their] records.” About T’s release, Sels summed things up in one word – “amazing.” She describes both of them as dramatic, which is why she says they’re friends. Either way, Selena is already picking out her favorite “Speak Now” tracks. And they are ‘Dear John,’ as well as the 13th track on the record, which if you’re a Taylor Swift fan makes perfect sense, as we all know that’s her favorite number. So those are the two picks taht Selena says she’s “absolutely in love with.” Overall, Selena says Taylor’s “album is going to be awesome,” and that she thinks “people are gonna be really surprised. [Taylor] took her style and made it bigger.” Wow, so if you were already dying to hear Taylor Swifts new release, we’re guessing that Selena’s review probably has you even more excited…am I right on this one or what? Let us know by hitting the comments section below. For non
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Selena Gomez Reviews Taylor Swift’s New Album “Speak Now”

  1. bettyb00p13 says:

    I just heard Speak Now the song…. I’m speechless <3

  2. morgan7852 says:

    I uploaded speak now on my page(:

  3. Bellice101 says:

    I think Selena has a very good sense of music. I ca’t wait to buy Taylor’s album!!! 😀


    @Amsyx in an interview taylor swift said when she filmed valentines day with taylor lautner in it, it would get confusing because they have the same name so she said to call her swifty and taylor lautner taylor so it wouldnt be confusing..

  5. Amsyx says:

    Do not call her Swifty.
    Its Taylor Swift.. -_-

  6. rebeccabecerra says:

    So excited!! 🙂

  7. TheTeamMiley says:

    did ya notice that both of the front cover of their albums r kind the same?? its crazy

  8. DINNERinHyrule says:

    Oh God. Another album where all the songs are about the same damn thing. They’ll all sound exactly alike, and they will plague the radio for months.

  9. thrashmetal4life515 says:

    @finalfantasy1032 i know real music lol

  10. MegaCupcakesForever says:

    10 facts about you 1. You’re reading my comment 2. You’re realizing that’s a stupid fact 4. You didn’t notice I skipped three 5. You’re checking now 6. You’re smiling 7. You’re still reading my comment 9. You didn’t realize I skipped eight 10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. 🙂 11. You are enjoying this 12. You didn’t realize there’s only suppossed to be ten facts Copy and paste this to ONE video… And tommorrow will be the best day ever

  11. finalfantasy1032 says:

    Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift legitimately have the most adorable friendship EVER.

  12. fortheSavior says:


  13. jonnyasprin says:

    if i were to hear the names Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift and Miley Sirus all in the same sentence……

  14. shannabanana11 says:

    @JonDeth While Selena Gomez is not my cup of tea, I respect Taylor Swift.

  15. msGANGSTERprincess1 says:

    @VictoriaJoBroFan i hope so

  16. JonDeth says:

    @who8theburrito they ruined television and radio for me which I no longer watch or listen to, now they’re ruining the free media of the internet!

  17. who8theburrito says:

    @JonDeth Woohoo, Amen!

  18. JonDeth says:

    wow, an elitist spoiled brat working for an evil corporation destroying freedom, equity and the economy reviews another elitist spoiled brat working for an evil corporation destroying freedom, equality and the economy.

    I’m so glad I clicked this!
    No talent shit for brains sharing their opinions as if they hold more validity than yours and mine!
    Thank you so much Selena and Taylor!
    Your worthlessness, ignorance and narcissism is taking society to an all new low.

  19. rogatoga says:

    me and selena are going to get married some day

  20. VictoriaJoBroFan says:

    It’s a lie, selena and her are brewing, her and demi are getting closer again.

  21. Shanebabys says:

    I like taylor swift but all her songs sound the same to me

  22. taudreee567 says:

    that was nice of her. but taylor’s style has gotten really old i hope she changed it up a bit not “made it bigger”

  23. Surisan12 says:

    Shitty music is shitty.

  24. SpringSkies says:

    I find it kind of interesting how they are BOTH wearing purple, silky dresses on the cover of their albums. And also how they’re album covers BOTH look quite similar. 🙂
    Hmm… was there some planning involved, maybe? *Wink Wink* 😉

  25. ardenBcho says:

    Nice! I love Taylor Swift~ 🙂

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