Selena with Taylor and FTSK web chat

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Forever The Sickest Kids web chat. #79 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Australia #42 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Canada #62 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – United Kingdom #83 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Ireland #36 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment #88 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Mexico #60 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – France #97 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Italy #71 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Brazil #93 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Czech Republic #80 – Top Favorited (Today) #23 – Top Favorited (Today) – Entertainment #83 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Entertainment #74 – Top Rated (Today) – Entertainment

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50 Responses to Selena with Taylor and FTSK web chat

  1. shiningstars1997 says:


  2. amberpetriece says:

    did anyone else see the paramore bag? =P

  3. iNSANiiTiiES says:

    Who owns it?
    Lol – I love FTSK:D

  4. bloox1312 says:

    Dawwww jcreep 😉

  5. 16pawprint says:

    @evakasama yh nos its selena and taylor and shes not even the same age

  6. xquisite45 says:

    how cute, Selena chilling with FTSK and chatting with Taylor. i wish i knew Selena in real life. >_>

  7. PoLiShWrestlingE says:

    @talk2much42 you do talk too much motherfucker just shut your fucking mouth and hide in your little hole Shitty bitch

  8. NowTheRainIsJust says:

    @LoveBumbleberry Its weird thinking Disney+Paramore, but then again those are the only 2 disney stars I like. Im insanely jealous because ive been in love with paramore. Sorry, A.D.D

  9. Numba1Gama says:

    I wish Taylor Swift did more video chats on ustream like this where she is just chilling and not as some big media event. Her first was was pretty laid back, but her latest one wasn’t like a laptop cam or anything, it was like an HD thing and it seemed way too professional and promotional rather than just a casual chat with the fans.

  10. kaimalee says:


  11. LoveBumbleberry says:

    Selena has a paramore riot bag? OMG, I remember Demi and Selena’s old vids when they would talk about how their favourite band is paramore.

  12. Msparamorerock says:

    OMG selena hs a paramore riot! bag!!!!! jelous much

  13. taylorlautnerlover43 says:

    they all seem so down to cool..

  14. 8jonasluver says:

    @TaylorBrownEyes26 so it’s not creepy to want someones ichat thing? ha, okay cool.

  15. TaylorBrownEyes26 says:


  16. 8jonasluver says:

    @TaylorBrownEyes26 creeper much?

  17. SelenaGomez1Support says:

    @talk2much42 your just jealous that shes friends with them and your not

  18. TaylorBrownEyes26 says:

    anyway the anyone can get taylors ichat?

  19. 8jonasluver says:

    “he has a crush on you” haha i love thaat

  20. JMRandNJJislove says:

    @SkullyXScullen lol they’re not hanging out, it’s cleavage.

  21. SuperDianneB says:

    Its so weird that they BOTH dated Taylor after the other! lol. Taylor Lautner is my favourite actor

  22. tinklepink5 says:

    @talk2much42 ya shut upp 4realz

  23. stolenbaby2008 says:

    Aww, Jonathan was nervous! He’s so cute. :3

  24. hahagooman says:

    @talk2much42 shut the fuck up dude

  25. sgetling says:

    “are you wearing contacts right now? your eyes are really blue”

  26. winchestboyzarehot says:

    this is why i love taylor!

  27. TaylorxJustinx says:

    how did jordan get to do this???

  28. TamTam177 says:

    wow, that little girl is so mature for her age!

  29. fedenan says:

    how the fuck does the little girl get to meet and interview taylor swift

  30. BakerGTD says:

    She is so Confident when interviewing Taylor, She would be good at that, seriously.

  31. Blertaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    so amazing!

  32. blacksplaters says:

    literally the cutest little girl in the whole world.

  33. natalyagirl says:

    @katynisbett1 you shouldn’t force yourself to write a song. It should come to you.

  34. katynisbett1 says:

    i try and write songs about what happens to me but i can’t come up with anythig exept for when ws bullied at my old school in grade 7

  35. Jelo6789876oleJ says:

    That girl is very lucky.

  36. Avalita07 says:

    That little girl will be a GREAT interviewer in the future!!

  37. twilightgirl13241 says:

    she has the kate gosslin hair do!

  38. NewMoon978 says:

    i hate that littel girl! shes so ugly!

  39. JulieandSusu says:

    that girl kinda has a 40 year old’s style :/
    But she’s very, VERY mature, & lucky too, like she met Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber…wow (: *im jealouuuuss* lol

  40. lillyputla says:

    @butboy1806 are you talking about Jordan? How?

  41. ConverseKid3000 says:

    want to punch that little girl!!

  42. butboy1806 says:

    That liitle girl is a fucking slut.

  43. lrwkk says:

    this girl is sooooo adorable! how amazin’!! aah! ..xx 😛 😉 . haha

  44. TheRealJenny4001 says:

    she is the luckies little girl in the world!

  45. MileyVanessa2501 says:

    This shows exactly why I love Taylor. She is so amazing!

  46. nhadzkieful says:

    that little girl is so cute… and swifty is gorgeous as always!

  47. Phoenix140222 says:

    ‘one of the most awesome stars on the planet..taylor swift!’

  48. taylorswift0569 says:

    It’s so beautiful, that while someone is so successful, they can still be so nice. Jordan is one of the luckiest kids on earth. Taylor is amazing and so down to earth. It’s like she’s just any average girl, not this stunning superstar.

  49. TheMediMedMed says:

    I’m Taylor’s NO.1 fan in Ireland!

  50. smartalec1991 says:

    i love taylor and her personality! She’s so real!

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