Speak Now

Me singin Speak Now from Taylor Swift’s new album!

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16 Responses to Speak Now

  1. MsparkleM says:

    l love you Nicole! I can not wait to see you again!
    and you are a super super star to me!
    whooooooooo! do another!

  2. xoxo247LOVExoxo says:


  3. slaiyen13 says:

    nice , keep it up =)

  4. haleyxxo013 says:

    wow she is so amazing.

  5. Hicktown125 says:

    wow her voice sucks in this video

  6. LaAgusJB says:

    i love her because she is a crazy

  7. TheAlimoore1 says:

    i remember when iv never heard of dis song i was watching da CMAs and then i heard dis song and fell in luv wid itXD

  8. allisonR777 says:

    I love love this preformance. She totally rocked it. I love her outfit hair voice everything. You go tay!!!

  9. TheAlimoore1 says:

    luv he rluv her voice

  10. Poptropica35 says:

    she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TheJoehottie says:

    arghh….h8 taylor…man shez soooo immature

  12. anahii25 says:

    So great perfomance….love her singing!!!!!<3

  13. PimpCoop says:

    who ever like this shit is really messed up in the head! She can’t perform good at all and what the hell is she singing. Sound like something you would find on kid bop!

  14. ActingIsMiLife says:

    wow! amazing performance!! love her 🙂

  15. revin219 says:

    Epic Fail!

    And what’s the thing with the hair 🙁

  16. itszztom says:

    Taylor Swift got me into listening country music but this performance….was not very good.

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