Taylor Swift Back To December Lyrics VS Lady Gaga Monster Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart

Taylor Swift Back To December Lyrics Taylor Swift Sparks Lyrics Taylor Swift The Story Of Us Sparks Fly Enchanted Lyrics Mine Innocent Music Video Innocent Lady Gaga Born This Way Live Lyrics Official Music Video Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart Official Music Video Lady Gaga Telephone Ft Beyonce…

I love Taylor Swift, and this song. I haven’t decided if I want to cover the whole song yet, so I just sang a little bit of it. :]

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28 Responses to Taylor Swift Back To December Lyrics VS Lady Gaga Monster Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart

  1. californiagurls4me says:

    Lady gaga all the way Taylor you deserved what happened at the vma’s i love you kanye west for doing that xoxo

  2. alice6530 says:

    Taylor,i love you so much and you always do your best,i loooooooooove your songs and i love ur voice!!

  3. MissEdwarDamon says:

    Taylor is the BEST !!

  4. ErikaExplosion10 says:

    Taylor Swift won this..hands down.

  5. nalijah123 says:

    @fashiongirl817 dont come for taylor she sounds better than both lady gaga and Miley She won this battle!!!!!! Team Taylor

  6. nalijah123 says:

    Team Taylor All The way

  7. fashiongirl817 says:

    1.Miley wow she sounds soooooooooo amazing !!!!
    2. Lady gaga Love you!! Close second;)
    3. Taylor.. Ur okay i just wish you would sing about different things:(
    4. You sound terrible!! Ur too fake!!

  8. Sk8rChic87 says:

    1. Taylor swift all the way!
    2. Miley
    3. Lady gaga, go back in her old songs and she’s actually good! (eheh)
    4. Selena, didn’t sing good in this vid

  9. lol6109 says:


    maybe for you, but Taylor Swift is the best here 😛 She hasen’t been caugth in for example fucking to bar-men in a bar like Gaga. Lady Gaga is ugly, she sings awfull, and are a bitch, thats my meaning. Taylor don’t sing naked on the scene, like Gaga, she sings at least good, and are not so bitchy like Gaga 😛
    The only song from Gaga I liked was Poker Face, when Eric Cartman from south park sung it 😛 😛 😛

  10. MKFashion101 says:

    1 Taylor Swift!!!!! Love her!
    2 Miley Cyrus!! She is going through a hard time, its hard to change from your kid crowd to your adult crowd.
    3 Selena Gomez!!! She is very good person.
    4 Lady Gaga!! She is not good at all.

  11. LizyElizabethS says:

    @clariebearie95 he is part of Brooks And Dunn who originally sang the song. you hear him singing his version at the beginning of the video 🙂

  12. ladygagalover2428 says:

    1.Lady Gaga (im a fan of her,shes beautiful,shes awesome)
    2.Miley Cyrus (its ok)
    3.Selena Gomez (a little bit)
    4.Taylor Swift (boooooooooo she sucks)

  13. zabarabis1 says:


  14. swiftie128 says:

    taylor swift GO SWIFTIES!!!!

  15. kokunaut says:

    taylor was so amazing

  16. momomonkiluv says:


  17. peytoncook42 says:

    taylor sucks……boooooooooo

  18. clariebearie95 says:

    who was the guy singing taylors lyrics at the start? he as good

  19. goofygirl106 says:


    10000000000000000000000000 Those LOSERS!!!!!!

  20. Kesha2461 says:

    2.Miley and Taylor
    3 Lady Gaga

  21. Innocent45Lyn says:

    love taylor ~

  22. tapperontheclouds says:

    Where is the lady gaga performance from?????

  23. MiSsMaiLiS says:

    1. Miley
    2. Selena
    3. Taylor
    eww lady gag is gay

  24. MileyAndMandyRules1 says:

    the way selena moves is so clasy : ))

  25. TS13Ecuador says:

    Taylor Obviously

  26. elisebaby13 says:

    @sugarbabii97 i willll(: thanks gilrl, i havent talked to you in a long time!

  27. sugarbabii97 says:

    you should do enchanted. as usual love it elise. good job, girl!

  28. Princesstayler9 says:

    You should! And I love her new album…Better than revenge,Haunted and Speak now are my favorites. Good job on this Elise. 🙂

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