TIME Magazine Interviews: JJ Abrams

READ MORE: bit.ly JJ Abrams has done it all: writing, producing and directing for television and movies. The ‘Star Trek’ director answers reader questions here
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to TIME Magazine Interviews: JJ Abrams

  1. IPawnt says:

    @TrixieBelaire LOL wow I got 8 thumbs up wtf haha

  2. TrixieBelaire says:

    @IPawnt And JJ Abrams looks like Patrick Dempsey’s brother.

  3. sarcasticduck44 says:

    I would go gay for JJ Abrams I love him that much.

  4. ilovepanslabyrinth says:

    Yeah, got the DVD of Cloverfield, such a freakin awesome movie
    Love MI3 and especially Star Trek
    He is a wonderful wonderful talent

  5. thelinkman says:

    you fucking asshole…….


  6. gaudenz11111 says:

    j.j Abrams ROCKS HARD!!!!!!!!!

  7. John27346 says:

    And it isn’t so already? It’s been dragged out for years.

  8. monsterproductions27 says:

    Interviewers need to ask JJ about the Cloverfield sequel more so he gets the hint that we want a sequel soon.

  9. enginecof says:

    i know that lost has been on for a long time but its hard to believe that its coming to an end….such a great series!
    but if it keeps on air i believe its gonna get fucked up and saturated!

  10. IPawnt says:

    OMG the interviewer looks just like Oscar from the Office.

  11. bberny2009 says:

    i really wish that the interviewer would stop mumbling the questions

  12. Raymint says:

    Really? I mean there are so many ways to validate their relationship and I don’t know what this means to you but JJ did say that he felt it’d be best to go down a more comedic route with this as Star Trek has been parodied so many times, taking it straight faced and seriously this time round may just hurt it.

    And for all we know they could have been together in the past anyway.

  13. ptfp111 says:

    I thought it was a bit unnecessary.

  14. Raymint says:

    What you didn’t like that either?

  15. ptfp111 says:

    Ok that’s an interesting view of it.

  16. Raymint says:

    I think it’s fine. George’s death made Jim an asshole and he fucked up his chances with her at the bar – so it’s an interesting and fun twist that makes sense.

  17. ptfp111 says:

    Just as a matter of interest, what did you think of the Spock/Uhura love interest?

  18. ptfp111 says:

    That’s the problem a lot of actors face after doing a long running tv show or movie series. People don’t cast them because they stick out and the audaince only recognize them as ‘him’ from ‘whatsitsname’.

  19. ptfp111 says:

    I’m not even arguing anymore I’m just pointing out the things i didn’t like about the film and why I didn’t like them. I grew tired of this argument the moment I walked into D9 yesterday.

  20. Raymint says:

    Karl Urban wasn’t a real southerner. Is that it? so what about the rest of the Trekkies who think he out DeForrest Kellied DeForrest Kelly? Are they wrong?

  21. Raymint says:

    You sound like your finding random alternatives for the sake of validating your argument – Bleach Bypass would be stupid to even consider, why bother mention it?

    Accents? OK – was Anton Yelchin doing Russian? And Scotty’s accent was even more questionable than it was in the series. He’s from Aberdeen but what came out of his mouth was Aberdeen via Kilborn.

    But it was the same with the series – accents were intergalactic.

  22. Raymint says:

    Jesus … Boy listen, Josh Holloway would have stuck out like a sore thumb as “that guy from lost” – he’s too CalvinKlein and I can’t say leaves more of an impression than the rest of the LOST bunch.

    They probably did audition him and found that he didn’t fit the part. Or he has work to do on LOST.

    As JJ said; casting was harder than usual on this one – and what that usually means is there’s no one else on the planet who could do their jobs better.

  23. ptfp111 says:

    He looked the part and he did the accent sort of right, but you could tell he wasn’t really a southerner. Not like DeForrest Kelly. In my opinion, they should have taken Josh Hollowoy (Sawyer from LOST)

  24. Raymint says:

    And yes I DO think Karl Urban was good as Bones. I think he was dead ringer.

  25. Raymint says:

    Case and point. And I think I’ll go as far as saying, now that Star Trek has the ass of a 10 year old boy, It’s cool to be a Trekkie.

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